Things That Guys Lie About!


Hello back peoples. Let’s talk about Lying today! Lying happens. People lie. Men do, and women do – but today, well (evil laughter) we will concentrate on the lies that guys tell. Oh yea. They do. And more so because notwithstanding their – the-size-of-Texas egos, guys just have this innate, snow-balling-into-obsession, desire for their gals to believe that they are the ‘MAN!’; that they are their girls’ knights-in-shining-armors, last man standing and that they will take no prisoners when it’s about their girl and its always-always about their girl. Well – some perspective here. Guys just want their girls to believe the best in them, sometimes even going so far as too spin ludicrous to make them look more gallant, hot, cool… you know the drill!

So we at Crushaider thought. Let the expose begin. And here are few sure shot tips on how to keep an eye out for the lies your guy might be selling to you!


Oh well! There have got to be so many guys out there who would want their beautifuls’ to maintain the illusion of dating a toned-muscular flab free Greek God. But here’s the truth. Most guys who don’t even exercise and don’t need it too – won’t tell their girl this truth. It’s just like when you ask a guy if he plays a sport, he will eventually, subconsciously end up saying – football or cricket, even when he may have no played the sport since he was twelve or something!


Guys often have this irresistible urge to make their live and personalities look and sound so extravagant and exciting that they may come across more fake than if they actually told their girls the truth about their real, excruciatingly ordinary/boring lives!  So this can range anywhere between feigning interest in the Arts to talking about Rastafarian as if the words even makes any sense to them!


So you have lived all your life with this faulty notion that only women lie about their age?! Get real. Any man of 26 who is in a club with student-aged girl is bound to knock some years off making him look less like a dirty-old-man pervert! Ha! Yes. Deal with it gals – men lie about their age too!

Fancying your mates

Oh yea. Screaming ‘douche bag’ alarm! If you have a hottie best friend or sister or relative – there is a good chance that you’re boy friend is busy fancying her while all of you sit talking over coffee thinking you’re making harmless chatter! As yes, if you ask him about it, he will flat out deny the attraction – but you know better than that, don’t you?

Past Affairs

Well. Believe it or not – it’s just girls who worry about their current boyfriends knowing about their past exploits – guys worry as much. All guys don’t fancy being looked up at a Player/Casanova. There are some genuine ones out there who really care about the relationship they are in and don’t wish for past to intrude in any way. And that’s the good side of the story. There is yet another breed of slime balls who fear that a new girl will simply drop him like a ton of hot bricks if she were to find out what a player the guy has been in the past!


This is more of an online dating phenomenon. Men just can’t deal with the fact that they are not tall. Short guys feel the heat; even medium height guy will add a notch to their reality online! It like when girls try to post their pictures from five years ago or something! Obviously, when two such lying-cheating people meet in real, it’s just one pretty darned awesome sight to watch!


Oh well. Let’s give the guys a small break here. Men are often forced into this one lie by women themselves. Women love to make declaration. Men? Hardly. But then when you girlfriend just announces on top of her voice that she is in love with you, do you have much of a choice?


In most such cases, men don’t so much as lie as they exaggerate. Many dumb asses will over state the importance of their positions. For example any guy who so much as is given any form of responsibility – even if it is to ensure the office is adequately stocked with pens – well, he will become a manager (of pens?!) Go figure.


All men watch porn. Any guy claiming otherwise – is lying. Period.


Till further lies!

Keep Rockin!


Team Crushaider

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