Signs That A Girl Likes You!

So any guy who likes a girl will eventually come to a point where he will be face to face with ‘THE BIG’ question – Does she like me back?

Maybe. Or then, maybe not.

Really it’s very hard to tell! Not mention the signs a guy shows he likes a girl are not enough to go by when deciding whether a gal like a guy back. Tough situation this – so we at CrushAider thought, what the hell – let’s just do this for our guy friends today! Go down a road most guys fear travelling and explore the subtle signs that girls exhibit they are most likely have feelings for a guy!

But here’s a fair warning: This is list is going to be generic. One can never be too sure with girls, because who was the wise-guy ;) who’s once famously said, figuring out if a girl likes you, not just tough, its damn near impossible!

So stay with us through this!


Sign # 1:

Eye contact – is IT. If she looks you in the eye a lot, if there is full on eye contact, dude, it’s totally a sign of attraction, especially if it happens frequently and for longer stretches of time. Know it right then, the gal may not be much interested in what you’re saying, but she’s totally interested in you! Hit it!

Sign # 2:

Touch — OOOoooOOO – is that dangerous territory most guys would rather just imagine laying a finger on her, in their dreams! But here’s the thing: if she’s willing to touch you — just casual touching, like arm pats, quick, gentle punches, tugs, hand squeezes, jokingly linking her arms with yours ever now and then – oh yea, it’s a sign. It means she is comfortable with contact and that’s just the best thing you have heard in the day, haven’t you?

Sign # 3:

Oh yea, and things are going especially nice for you if she allows you to touch her in return too. If she doesn’t like you and you dare touch her — she will cringe or worst, tell you to back off for nothing! You can try with some brief pats and during heavy moments, a hug or two. If she doesn’t pull away, lucky dude you! :)

Sign # 4:

Another sign a girl is interested in you is when she talks to you a lot. She may even look for you in a crowd of friends to come over and chat. Make note of how often you end up engaging in a conversation with her whenever a bunch of you are hanging out.

Sign # 5:

She laughs at everything you say. Given that everyone knows you’re not the joke master of the century, neither are you as smooth as you sometimes would like to believe you are – so here’s to your lamest jokes – if she’s laughing at those, the gal likes you!

Sign # 6:

Body language – that secret language! If she points herself towards you, it’s bordering a happy day for you. Check her body language. Most women often, and even men, will tend to orient themselves towards the person they desire most in the room! Feet, legs, hands, arms, face! So if she is pointing away from you, you know it’s to lug away the baggage of feelings and stack them somewhere else!

Sign # 7:

If she agrees to most plans you try to make with her, sometimes even breaking off other plans to spend time with you instead, jump on the wagon… and never get down… because she likes you!

Sign # 8:

She twirls her hair as talk to you – classic coy signal a girl likes you! Keep a watch for that one!

Sign # 9:

She shows up unexpectedly if you let her know your schedule. Make it know that you’re going to the mall on a certain day and, surprise surprise, she may just happen to be there too. Why don’t we shop together? Sounds good.

Sign # 10:

She talks about you constantly; always finds a reason to talk a little more about you. She can’t get enough of you and wants to learn as much as possible to make sure you’re oh-so-right for her; know she’s a little wary still, but no doubt she likes you! Just a little effort from you, and there is a possibly things might just start looking up the way you like!

Sign # 11:

She waits for you to return. Usually when a girl is not interested she will not hang around once a guy leaves to go to the bathroom or something. But if she sticks around and waits for him to return, it simply means she would like to pick up from where the both of them let off!

Sign # 12:

She makes a second approach. It is normal for groups and conversations to be fluid when you are in a club or bar. If a girl you were talking to earlier approaches you again to strike up a conversation, she wants to reestablish your connection. And, if she pops by to tell you that she is leaving, take the opportunity to get her digits.

Sign # 13:

She fills pauses. Lulls and breaks are normal parts of conversations. When someone is not interested, she will usually use one of these breaks as her excuse to leave the conversation. But, if the girl you are talking to is filling the pause and trying to keep the conversation going, this is a good sign that she is enjoying talking to you.

Sign # 14:

She gives you compliments. As you tell stories and demonstrate your quality and high status, keep a close ear on how she is reacting. Often, women will compliment a guy on his accomplishments, which is another good way to move to a different level of rapport.

So there you go! Enough said for now we think… Just make a mental note of these as you embark on your does-she-like-me-quest and if something comes out of it, make sure you let us know!

Good luck!



Team CrushAider


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